Monday, September 28, 2009

What happened to Warhammer? (Answering Agga)

Well, since I can't comment on my own damned blog (*glares at Blogger*), here's an answer to the only comment I've ever received.

Warhammer Online just died a slow painful death for me. Everything has degenerated since the last patch in particular, and everything is all "QQ!" and "RVR!". No one plays PVE anymore except to flip zones. Phoenix Throne server (order side) has been a ghost town. Tier 4 is too much work for a game, and that won't work for me. (Pun not intended).

Mythic just killed the game and any of the high hopes I had for it. Which is a shame, because I loved the mythos and environment there. But it's still an incomplete game, and more work than it's worth. I'm sad to say it, but I think I may be done with it. I loved playing with the whole gang there, but way too damn much QQ and work and "hurry up and wait!" to enjoy the end game. And the end game is what would keep me onboard in the long haul. The same reason is why I hardly play City of Heroes anymore. Too much work for a casual gamer. Work I'm paying to do. That shit won't fly.

I'm currently addicted to Aion, and so far it's living up to its "New Shiny!"-high in my eyes. It's new, it's different, and most importantly it's fun! I haven't officially quit WAR yet, but I'm probably going to go inactive enough that I might as well have.

So Agga, I hope you stick around with the old gang still. Whether or not you get into Aion or something else. The Vent's still open, I've been keeping up with posting all that info on the guildlaunch forum, although they recently changed the URL to it and I don't know if you got the PM there.

So, let this also be an open invitation. If you play Aion and play Elyos on Israphel (US/Eastern) server, Sacramentum is recruiting. Forum application and Ventrilo are both encouraged and required for legion membership. Agga, even if you never pick up the game you're definately invited to join with us anyway.