Monday, January 24, 2011


Well, things have been too quiet here for too long, and I'm aching to write things again.

I think I'll start with background stories/profiles for my Role-Playing characters, again. Usually I do these things in my head, because once I put them down something changes, then there's second thoughts, then third thoughts, etc.

I really wish I had any artistic talent for realism sketching. I can see the images in my head, but my hands will not put it to paper. And when you're thinking up something original, that's creation-death right there. A picture is worth over a thousand words, after all is said and done.

The coming months will see if this plan some to fruition or not; if I'm not working, then I'm usually sleeping, getting ready for work, or playing DCU Online (A.K.A. my latest drug of choice). I can't believe I was having such DC-nic-fits during the downtime between playing Beta and playing Live. Sony dug their claws in deep with me, that's for sure; and like most online games I really enjoy from the start, I'm praying the creators don't screw it up. Sony almost "ruined" Star Wars Galaxies, and they've made a (failing?) WoW cookie-cutter MMORPG before, and some of their business practices aren't (shall we say?) user friendly. I really want to give this game all my "gamer's hope," but I always think back to Warhammer Online (WAR not 40k), and how EA knee'd Mythic in the gut and basically sank the game at the aft instead of the stern. (It's still a fun game to play.. for about 3/4 of the leveling process, then it loses a lot of it's fun and grinds harder than Superman hand-milling all the grain for Ethiopia.) Gamer "politics" made a huge dent in that game's enjoyability, as they normally do with most MMORPG's.

Anyways, before I ramble on too terribly much... Watch this space, because maybe, coming soon-ish, possibly, there might be something maybe good.