Monday, October 12, 2009

More Art for Aion, now with 75% less whine! (Sacramentum legion emblem)

EDIT: Dammit, no. You can't take my image without permission. No, you can't use it for your guild, I made it for my own. Have some decency. I appreciate that you like it but please, I spent all my free time on this for my Legion. I'd be willing to share my source material for you to make your own, but this beauty is my own, my current pride and joy.

Well, I toiled all week long, but at last I made something finished for my Aion legion. The shield was taken out from earlier versions, because at the lower image sizes seen actually in-game the details (that looked bitchin' at high resolution) were a blur. Blur is bad. Blurring is very bad. Simplicity is the winner. So I simplified. Swords over shields. Took out some of the little frills that were originally in the image. Fixed all the little blotches of error. Simplified the colors and made a prominent focal point (the silver sword).

Just imagine this on a dark/black background. It sticks out even more then. Want a little help?
Now imagine it smaller...

That's about how it'll look in game at a glance. Does it catch your eye? Creative or Constructive Criticism is welcomed.

Please do NOT steal my artwork.


  1. This is great work.

  2. this is beautiful im gona recomend it for my guild if you dont mind

  3. I agree, it's simple enough without a sheild but complex enough to be eye chatching and unique. I love the contrast that black and orange/yellow/gold create, gives it a fire-in-the-dark feel and adds demention to the symbol.

    Whats the sheild look like? Is this for a game? I ended here directly from a link on GKC.

  4. Well, as the title suggests, this artwork is for my legion's use in the MMORPG "Aion: The Tower of Eternity", which is brought to us by NCSoft, the same people bringing us Guild Wars 2.

  5. also, to the anonymous poster before, now that i CAN make my own comments to my own blog (blogger was being a bastard before), no please do not use my image for your guild, it was made for my own. I will gladly give out the "precursor" art work, and the inspiration pieces that I light-boxed from then altered, but this image as it is right now, is currently in use by the legion run by me and some gaming friends.