Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lets post something interesting, as if someone was reading this...

Yeah, I know, not many people read this. Less comment. I get whiny in it at times. Meh. Snu.

So, here's something a little interesting. How much of today's "popular" fiction, that is the fictional stories, scripts, plots, game ideas, and ideas in general, start off with a dream? I mean a real dream. Fell asleep and saw images in your head, dream.

I can honestly say, about 50% of the things I come up with are from my remembered dreams. I'm sure there's other dreams equally good that I don't recall, but they're locked in my subconscious somewhere, being accessed but not directly. Quietly influencing my likes and conscious imaginings. At least I really hope I have more dreams, I'll be seriously depressed if I know I hardly dream at all.

But, I'm really curious about this subject. We extol and praise creators of fictional stories and likewise for having amazing imaginations, for putting it all together, but how much of that was brought to life without a conscious effort? I'm not saying that makes the creations any less works of art, I'm just really pondering. How much do dreams affect our everything?

For example, H. P. Lovecraft's work (notably the Cthulhu mythos) was largely influenced directly by his night terrors. Bad dreams that he didn't wake up from as clearly as many others do. These things he dreamed, that he imagined without meaning to, later on became a great work of horror stories. These stories went on to inspire others, sometimes even into "starhood." These stars of today's horror creation (stories, movies, etc.), drew inspiration from a man's stories, which drew inspiration from his bad dreams. All this, all these ideas, all this fandom, from a series of dreams.

Lovecraft's example is surely not the first, definitely not the last, and scarcely the only one. I hope to someday follow this example. As such, I'm starting a dream log. It will be on a different blog (probably my old LiveJournal account), where I'll post every detail I can remember from my dreams, when I remember them. I've long wanted to write more fiction based on my (night) dreams, nightmares, and daydreams, and it's about time I started doing something about that.

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  1. Sounds pretty interesting, I'll be sure to bookmark this and check it out once in a while.